Need to replace or install a water supply line hose and valve to a fixture or appliance in your kitchen, bathroom, basement or laundry room?

Wish you had a larger main water supply pipe to provide more water flow for a new sprinkler system or house addition?

Then speak to us. We handle all types of water supply line installations throughout South Texas. Our plumbers only use quality water supply line parts.

Water Supply Line Installation

We install hot and cold water supply lines for these common household appliances and fixtures:

•Ice makers
•Washing machines
•Shower heads
•Jacuzzis, Whirlpools
•Water Heaters

The most common occurrences for replacing a household’s main water supply pipe to the local utility company’s water line is either:

•Water pipe burst and the damaged pipe isn’t worth repairing

•Need for more water flow to support a sprinkler system or home improvement additions

Whatever the reason, we will diagnose your situation and make a recommendation whether it makes more sense to add a second water supply pipe, or replace the original.

For example, if we find your water meter is installed right next to the curb stop, or you do not have a water meter, we can tap into the existing water supply pipe right after the water meter. Then install a new larger size pipe. The pipe leading to the sprinkler system would be the “new” supply line. The existing line and water flow to your house would remain unchanged. Only the sprinkler system would be affected.

Another option would be to tap into the existing supply pipe right after the curb stop/water meter and install a new second pipe to your house parallel to it. We’ll connect the new pipe back into the old, smaller pipe leading into your house. This creates two water supply pipes side-by-side to your house, with water flowing through both.

Or we can remove the existing water supply pipe between the curb stop/water meter and your house and replace it completely with a new, larger water pipe. We will connect the new pipe to the old, smaller pipe leading to your house like the method above. This is the most common method used.

You can count on our expert technicians to find a solution that matches your needs.

In the unlikely event that you are without water service, we can run a commercial grade hose from the meter to the house, allowing for temporary water service.

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